Sculpture on the cliffs 2018/2019

The human figure, an enduring subject in art, is the theme for Sculpture on the Cliffs 2018. The powerful, instinctive recognition that sculpture of the human figure elicits from its living viewers has been explored in many interpretations from ancient times to the modern day’ (Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe).

Such works of art can therefore act as the intermediary between the physical, the spiritual, the environment and the viewer.
Gearing’s Point on the spectacular Cliff Path, is a popular vantage point both for contemplation as well as whale watching. It is also a meeting place for locals and visitors alike and is the site and the context for this exhibition. The work of the ten invited artists displays a wide diversity of material, technique, function, belief and purpose in a way that is sensitive to both site and context.


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