Marco Cianfanelli is an artist who works across the public and private realms, engaging the world in terms of systems rather than discrete objects or fenced off territories. He is constantly looking to realise art where one doesn’t expect to find it and testing the possibilities for artistic intervention in the public realm. In so doing, he has been involved in a wide range of projects involving art, architecture and public space.

Cianfanelli’s work embodies a vast variety of media and materials, from laser cut materials, masked glass and digital imaging and branding to burnt mielie skins and sculpted sea sand. Although he uses computer-aided design and technology in the production of his work, he often engages with the more visceral organic aspects of the material he works with. Marrying the application of data to more expressive gestural acts, he aims to set up a tension or dialogue between the controlled accuracies of the digital realm and the uncontrollable realities of being human.

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