Sculpture on the cliffs 2017/2018

The spark for Hermanus FynArts 2017 came from a poetry anthology by Karen Press. In the prologue to Echo Location (Gecko, 1998) she wrote: “mesmerized by a bead on a string and the string is a net and the net falls over us an we lie there like silver fish…” The ten artists and their evocative proposals were charted on the map of Gearings Point; a lookout from history where once families would wait to spot their loved ones coming home from the sea.

As is often teh case when one is in the process of assembling an exhibition with its different participants and dynamics,  a thread is the thing to trust – not unlike Paul Klee’s walking line. Each work installed in this year’s event signals a point of resonance with one of another , be it in the materiality of the work, the referencing of ecology or aspects of the Old Harbour.


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