Matters of the Heart


Niki Daly is best known for his award winning children’s books that have been published internationally since 1978. Among his numerous awards and honours is a Molteno Gold Medal for his lifetime contribution to South African Literature which he received in 2009.
In 2012 a friendship with Kyoko Kimura Morgan, a Tokyo-born origami artist, introduced Niki to the Japanese art of paper-folding.  After a period of following traditional origami, Niki began exploring his own ‘rule-breaking style’ (introducing cuts, glue and painting to folded figures) which Kyoko light heartedly coined ‘NikiGami’.   Niki  began to include ‘NikiGami’ into further artworks, including his whimsical watercolours.

‘Matters of the Heart’ marks Niki’s first solo exhibition which includes a new venture into painting on plates, attaining watercolour-like effects using ceramic oxides.

About picture-making Niki says, ‘I’m a story teller, so all my pictures suggest stories that are open to  individual  interpretations prompted by cryptic titles.’

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