Sandile is a Johannesburg based artist whose main area of interest is art practice in both, public and private spaces. Sandile explores these spaces through stimulating a new reading of graffiti and more broadly the way language works to help construct our realities. The artist visualises graffiti in abstract sculptural forms instead of alphabetic lettering. He populates gallery spaces with installations created from these forms which, in their labyrinthine structures, imaginatively evoke the artist’s own experience of walking through Johannesburg. The viewer is encouraged to think about graffiti and indeed language in a new way while conjuring the city ‘out there’ through a creative gallery navigation in time and space.

Sandile studied BAFA(Honours) at Wits School of the Arts in from 2002 till 2006. In 2009 he also studied for a PGDA in Arts and Cultural Management from Wits School of the Arts. Sandile has participated in various group exhibitions including Basha Uhuru’ curated by Kalishnikovv Gallery (June 2013), he collaborated with Mandy Johnston for ‘Diptych’ curated by Assemblage (September 2013).

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