Light Gestures

Christopher Reid, Charmé Southey and Maureen Tomaino

This group exhibition brings together accomplished local en plein air artists. Both Charmé and Maureen attain in their watercolour paintings a translucence and weightless transient quality that is evoked in the spontaneous fluidity of Charmé’s work, and in the considered clarity of Maureen’s. In contrast, Christopher captures the weighty gravity of form with his bold application of the medium.

The three artists share a strong preference for working on location in the open air, the benefits of which are summed up by French Impressionist artist, Eugene Boudin:

Everything that is painted directly on the spot, always has a strength, a power, a vividness of touch that one doesn’t find again in the studio.

In this work these en plein air artists capture the essence of the cyclic shifting mood and face of the natural word around them.

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