An exhibition of Salt and Wax Luminaries

Candlemakers are light makers. Using salt as a medium to sculpt this light has offered me infinite freedom as a pioneering candle maker. There are no tutorials to teach me. Every piece that shapes itself under my hands challenges me to push deeper into what is possible and what is not.

Influenced by a great love for the work of marine biologist and zoologist, Ernst Haeckel, and architect Antoni Gaudé, this body of work invites you to explore a world under the sea. Textures and geometries of starfish, anemones, and ancient artefacts to be found on the seafloor, all sprouting aquatic flowers… A world that only truly comes to life when illuminated against the dark.

These Salt and Wax Luminaries are designed to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. By replacing a small filler candle, the outer shell is designed to last forever.

Gretha Quinlan is a Riviersonderend-based artist and chandler. This is the 4th exhibition of her Salt and Wax Luminaries.



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