Carol Kuhn has worked in the 3D Visual Arts environment for 28 years and currently lectures in sculpture at the Tshwane University of Technology. Her research interest explores technology-integration as interdisciplinary 3D creative practice.

She believes that this research area has the potential to expand and transform reflexive human experiences on making.
Carol’s artworks reflect on an introspective mindset; a contemplation of the lived experience. The frequent reference to body or biomorphic abstract form represents a meditative mass, contextualized through placement and setting. Sculptural form exists within a timeless abyss largely prompted by memory, being and imagining. Continual self-reflection allows the creative process to extend beyond the initial idea and material execution, allowing the act of making to culminate in a cathartic action. Her practice draws on a range of traditional sculpting techniques and materials, also extending into the use of digital manufacturing technologies.

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