FynArts Gallery

Sculpture on the cliffs 2019/2020

Curated by Gordon Froud
Gordon has focussed on the notion of abstraction rather than on figurative work. Abstraction is about form, shape, colour, texture, pattern and suggestion rather than the realistic portrayal of a subject matter. This might lead to abstract thought such as the metaphysical; how does one portray emotion or feeling or the idea of transcendence?
Gordon has invited ten artists, who have not previously shown on the cliffs, to engage with the abstract. The range of artists from across South Africa spans the black/white/male/female parameters allowing the works to speak with a non-racial and non-gendered voice. There may of course be subtleties in the works that may hint at these classifications but this is not important. The idea, concept and execution should be such that it may transport the viewer to another place, realm or headspace – hopefully one of quietness, contemplation and beauty.


Carol Kuhn
Cow Mash
Ian Redelinghuys
Izanne Wiid
Rodan Kane Hart
Sandile Radebe
Sifiso Mkhabela
Sophia van Wyk
Sybrand Wiechers
Thulani Zondo

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